Full Version: Fidel Castro
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Died aged 90.

Honestly thought he'd died years ago.
Hopefully a new start for the people who lived under his dictatorship.
One of the towering figures in recent history. Freed Cuba from colonialism.

Shirley he's been dead for years!

Either way he definitely ay
Coming now!
Another dictator gone. Hopefully better times ahead for Cuba.
(11-26-2016, 10:27 AM)Duffmon Wrote: [ -> ]Died aged 90.

Honestly thought he'd died years ago.

Was it a CIA exploding cigar that got him in the end?
At least he outlived the old witch Thatcher
Why is it when a dictator is perceived to be communist he's ok with some? At the end of the day his regime killed many who disagreed with him while had little in the way of democracy.
What we need: a maraudereing left winger
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