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Died yesterday at the age of 44 from heart attack.

Fuck. That's no age.

Jeez. Dreadful.
Sad news. RIP
Bloody hell heard he'd collapsed yesterday.
Remember years ago standing on the South Bank. The day they were lobbing lumps of terracing at us. Mate of mine pointed him out to me as he was just coming through the ranks with us. Dodging the lumps of concrete himself.
Sad to hear, at such an age especially.
Blimey. Be grateful for every day. RIP lad
Too young that. Scary. RIP.
Fucking hell. Same age as me and you can bet your bottom dollar he led a much heathier lifestyle than myself.
A real shocker. Used to see him drinking with Dwight Yorke on Broad Street in their 90s heydays. Big strong lad and as Fido said probably looked after himself as well. The old genetic makeup has so much to do with us.
Very sad news.
Same age as me. I'm 44 today and am thinking to.kyself be grateful for what you have. Pat Murphy on 5 live said Atkinson signed him from Wednesday. I recall whilst it was close season and I think some management were on holiday Atkinson came in and took him for a paltry fee. Great player. Sad day. Enjoy what you have.

From us is mean not Wednesday. Although he got the colour of the shirts right. What terrible news.
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