Full Version: Poor little lad...
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I think he's captured all of our hearts. What a fighter and a bosting little lad. I hope that his last days are as peaceful and pain free as possible.
He's got therapy the end of the week to see if they can hopefully make him more comfortable. He's such a fighter and shows amazing courage.
Life is so cruel. Taking away someone so young, it must be the worst thing in the world to have to bury your own child.
Things like this would stop me ever believing in a God even if I found religious texts on the matter convincing.

It was obvious that his fight was huge but you always hoped that, somehow, it would all turn around and he'd start to win and succeed.

No words for it, are there?
really awful. poor little guy.
so many scumbags walking about healthy and this little kid suffering like this makes me so angry .
While it is really awful, at least he has had a enjoyable year. Little consolation for his parents at this time I understand, but I'm sure in time they will remember it with fondness.

Have to say also, that Defoe has been real class.
He's had a lot of exposure. There's many kids who don't get anywhere near what he has. Memories that he will cherish forever