Full Version: Sex Robots
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It's a bloody good job Tandy closed down...

Sounds like an April 1st story!
Already got one, she never shows any emotion.
Professor Noel Sharkey and the Sex Robots - great band name that!
Pulis won't sign them with an exotic name like that.
The Pulis male sex robot might wear a baseball cap and it's special feature will be a permanent Ard

[Image: tmg-slideshow_xl]
(07-05-2017, 07:09 AM)Zoltanger Wrote: [ -> ]Already got one, she never shows any emotion.

You've got a sexbot that is child like? Fucking perv.
I've often wondered if that late 70's show Buck Rogers carried some kind of subliminal message, apart from the innuendo of the shows name the shows co-star was a dick shaped robot.
Are they 6ft+ and can they play left back?
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