Full Version: WBAUnoffical Fantasy Football.
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Hey all.

We have our own Fantasy Football League run by the Telegraph, a percentage of the fees contribute directly to this site so by playing you help keep our community going.


League Code: 8126482
Pin: 1892

Enjoy and good luck!

Cheers Birdman, I'll sign up for that.
Yeah im top for the first time in ages
(12-10-2017, 12:52 AM)Jezstatham Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah im top for the first time in ages

I think you'll find I'm top, I don't think you're even in on this league?
Sorry its one thats automatically renewed from previous seasons.barclays premier league.is yours the telegraph?

And ive got another 60 this week so im staying top.vad week for a lot of people.with some squad rotation,loads injured and big name players low scoring