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Hi all.

As we've all previously discussed this board isn't free for me to run. Previously we had a board sponsor who has now moved on, so I looked at various methods of funding the board. I know none of us like random adverts appearing, so I really wanted to avoid that.

I've set up a donations link which appears at the top left of the board. People have already been very generous as I have come to expect from you lot which has certainly helped fund a massive share of the board. Donations can be one off or a monthly donation, and any amount is gratefully received.

Donate here via PayPal.

I also have an Amazon affiliate link up there to, if yo guys are buying anything from Amazon, just enter through that link and a small percentage of your purchase goes to me (They don't pay tax remember, so let them fund here instead. Big Grin )

I am also going to keep the ability to have an advert for posters businesses up, I have a post which goes through prices and options, but these are negotiable, this is a service done for you guys as much as it is for me, I'd happily help out anyone who needs a bit of advertising for their business.

I will keep a running total on here for donations against costs, however if it does go into profit it will be coming back to you guys, I have a few ideas in mind for little one off competitions and stuff. But most importantly for something this board has always been amazing at, rallying around each other when someone needs it. Whether it's a donation to a relevant charity, or even a  gift for the poster going through a horrible time, the profit will be well used.

Current Donations


Costs this Year

End of year 2016:

Since all the monthly payments have now come in I'll reset the total and start again.

£130 up this year.
(12-06-2016, 01:35 PM)Birdman1811 Wrote: [ -> ]End of year 2016:

Since all the monthly payments have now come in I'll reset the total and start again.

£130 up this year.

Get yourself on the piss with that, mate. Or take the missus out for a nice meal.
£120 left for the whole year now. I've included the monthly donations so if any of them are cancelled I'll adjust. Much cheaper this year since we got a great deal from the new hosts, and the forum is running much better it seems.
It's running loads better, thanks for your graft on it. Out of interest, are visitor numbers up also?
They do seem to be creeping up a bit.