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Posted by: Real Jak Smith - 8 minutes ago - Forum: WBAunofficial - No Replies

Had some stick before the season stared by saying that we would go down this year with one of the the lowest goals for tally in prem history. The club is being managed by 2 overdefensive minded dinosuars. Football has moved on, but these 2 haven't. Unless Williams has the bollocks to do his duty and get rid of these 2 ASAP then we are fucked. They have no idea how to put an attacking move together, but also no inclination to do so. Pulis has been here 2 years. You would have though by now we would be playing some half decent stuff. What we are seeing at the moment is nothing short of an utter shambles. I think we have won 2 games now in almost half a season(17 games). We also have the best squad in our history, it is being utterly wasted on these 2. Our strikers are expected to have a 100% conversion rate, simply becasue we create only one or maybe 2 chances per geame. No striker in the world has a 100% conversion rate. Basically our lads feed off scraps. We all need to get together now and find a way to fuck Pulis and Megson off. They are ok in certain situations but not this one.

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  It's not
Posted by: Albion58 - 13 minutes ago - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (1)

IIt's not Pulis to blame for the poor form, the deluded clown is now blaming the increase in strength of the Premier League, if the dinasour would drop the 'little old West Brom' syndrome we might actually start getting somewhere.

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  Pulis replacement
Posted by: B37Baggie - 38 minutes ago - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (13)

If Pulis got the hook today which One manager would you all choose to replace him?

Mine would be Rodgers at Celtic. Would take some persuading but I think the lure of the Premier league would get him. Would totally transform way we play & did very well at similar sized club in Swansea.

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  Missing Fletch ?
Posted by: EastMidsBaggie - 2 hours ago - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (15)

I think we're missing an in form Fletcher - as he was middle part of last season.
Those that went to games could see the organisational work he did on the pitch and how he cleverly filled in for players out of shape which was so important for our set up.
His form, like most of them, did dip alarmingly toward the end but we haven't really replaced his role properly with the very flat midfield three far too one paced and similar.

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Posted by: rickbaggie - 6 hours ago - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (11)

Isn't it time that the journos start asking TP some hard line and direct questions about the performances during press conferences?

Perhaps ask him about the 3 wins in the last 20 odd games and running at about .7 points for the season?

Stop worrying about asking him to comment on how good and how much respect he has for opposing teams and their Managers.

Maybe stop asking him to comment on FA issues and the state of football in England?

Get him to comment on the obvious discontent amongst supporters?

Comment on sacrificing entertainment at the expense of results? What impact that has on attendances.

Playing for draws/not to lose.

Asking him how much his players enjoy playing in his team.

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  Enjoying watching your kids side lose 5 0 v yesterday
Posted by: 110percentBaggie - Yesterday, 08:34 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - No Replies

I watched yesterday's joke and then today my kid was in a team beaten 5 0. They'd lost 12 1 to a team  who had drew with today's opponents so we knew it'd be tough. 
However we never gave up although outclassed.
Awful to think I found this more heartening.

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  The Mersey Beaten
Posted by: baggiebloke - Yesterday, 08:16 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (1)

9 goals conceded on the same day.

I wonder when that last happened?

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  What age do you start letting your kids out on their own?
Posted by: King Astle - Yesterday, 08:10 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (22)

Just let Astle walk up to the shop about 10 mins away on his own for the 1st time (well sent him out, waited 5 mins then followed in the car so he wouldn't see I was checking he was ok). 
It's a pretty safe, middle class area and he walks the same route to school with his mom. 
He's not long turned 10, I remember being out all day at his age, but things seem quite different now and school don't even let them walk to school by themselves for another year. 
Its a difficult one as I am really keen he develops confidence and independence but obviously I don't want to take unnecessary risks.

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  IF we sack TP, who do we think will go too?
Posted by: Sw4Baggie - Yesterday, 07:33 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (11)

One of the main reasons I was frustratingly all for keeping TP until the summer is the weight of influence he carries around the "footballing department." Given the level of control he was given when he arrived I think we risk a huge vacuum around the club should he depart. 

Alongside Pulis we have Megson, O'Connor, Gould and Garner doing the coaching, along with Gerry Francis in whatever capacity.  We then have Thorny doing the scouting.

Of all the names above, the only one I'd want to keep would be Garner as he seems very highly rated (think Forest and a couple others interviewed him this summer for the manager's job), and potentially see Moore/Shan a little move involved with the first team. 

Should we actually do what needs to be done, and give TP the sack, Hammond, Garlick and Williams will have to use all their experience!

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  Question re Bournemouth last year v yesterday
Posted by: WilesBandagedHead - Yesterday, 07:27 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (2)

Genuinely wonder what was worse?
Last year it was only the 4th game and the next match winnable. 
Surely things grimmer now?

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