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  ARF from OwlsTalk about Villa game
Posted by: SausEggBagel - 08-04-2016, 09:15 AM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (3)

Hehehe - this season is going to be hilarious to watch. Villa thinking that they can beat every team they play. Realistic proven Champ teams (Sheff Wed) knowing that possibly Villa's team is better on paper but the Champ is a whole different ball game.

Here; find some posts of what Owl's fans found on a Villa forum, which those arrogantdeludedfisheatingsealcunt's thought about the up coming game Sunday, and the Owl's fans thoughts.

OwlsTalk: Villa over confident

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  Don Goodman
Posted by: brada_wba - 08-04-2016, 07:55 AM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (39)

Can anyone with an exceptionally good memory remember Don Goodman's last home game?

I recall Goodman being held aloft by the fans and carried around the pitch.  

It may or may not have been his last game but i vividly remember sitting in the Halfords and watching this unfold. 

Probably around 1991. Maybe Newcastle at home in a 1-1 draw. 


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  Sakho - Loved by the Hammers faithful
Posted by: Banbury Baggie - 08-04-2016, 07:15 AM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (24)

I think not!   If we do sign him it looks like we have another gem on our hands


Some of the comments from their fans....

His heads still in a good place then,
He will kill his own future if he carries on, what does he think the WBA fans will think of him even if it’s not true,
Learn to keep quite Sak for your own sake you wanted out and Birmingham is a nice place to end up in ( ha ha )

Lol bubs.He is going to feel a proper berk further in to the season when he is playing at The Hawthorns in a 6 pointer relegation battle against Hull.That should clear his mind good & proper.

I wish he effin was, for 16m no matter how the payment comes il drive him up there myself and if he gets a call from his agent halfway there il drive into the oncoming traffic….i wanna see the back of the smartass

You aint alone there aykay.Maybe we could split the driving between us.I really liked the bloke for a while but now I hope he crashes & burns at wba.He will get no slack cut for him by Pulis.What will he do then?? Sulk again I suspect!

I thought he was great , we all thought he was great when he was up for it and playing out of his socks . So what happened ?.
Somebody screwed up somewhere somehow . This situation just does’nt feel normal .
To leave West Ham for West Bromwhich !!, come on please , ffs .
Goodbye Sakho , a shame , but goodbye anyway . Silly boy .

Maybe we just need to face facts.He is a moody b4stard lol

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  HP or Heinz ketchup?
Posted by: WiL13 - 08-04-2016, 04:58 AM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (12)

Seriously don't know which one it is but my uncles mate (who knows fugg all) is convinced (and delusional) tht sakho hasn't been announced yet because on Friday we will be announcing new owners as well as Sakho, Taylor, Schlupp and Joselu (part ex for Berahino). In all fairness I don't really know this bloke very well but I honestly don't remember him being a big albion fan?

The question is.... Are albion fans genuinely getting 

A- more clueless and watching too much sky sports shite
B- having too much expectation and being too impatient
C- Just turning into premier league class A wan@&£s

D- are we now getting an influx of ex seals and dingles changing colour.

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  The TP conundrum
Posted by: ColliersWoodBaggie - 08-03-2016, 11:13 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (31)

This is more of an observation, but I'll add a couple or three thoughts about the HBW. Some of this has been said before or observed before, but I suppose it is the time to think again given where the club could or might be in a few months time. 

When Pulis came in I was very happy and a touch relieved. The summer of 2014 appeared on paper to be ok in terms of signings and most were done early. At least in comparison with the McDonut Summer of 2013 it seemed positive at first. It soon unraveled and after a few promising performances (thinking of Spurs away, Burnley at home and Manchester at home) , getting up to 9th or 10th, we went to shit again. By December 2014 we were in dire need of a proper manager and AFI was never going to cut it. A bit like Mel/Clark before him for different reasons. And he was not going to be helped by a strong foray into the transfer market in January. 

So we had Pulis. He sorted out the shape and got us actually working to win the ball off the opposition. We ground out a point v 'Ammers and a 1-0 v Hull. Berahino got his head down, got goals again. In came Fletcher and Macmanaman. We pulled away with some grit , but also good football. Comfortable really. In fact aside from the home games v QPR and Leicester on Astle Day, we were quite decent overall. We looked like a solid Premiership team again although the squad needed strengthening. Although he got rid of some poor players bought in by AFI and co, there was still dead wood to be removed. It happened to an extent, but we were left with Anichebe, Gamboa and Poco; three players who were taking up valuable space in the squad and on the wage bill who would not play much. 

Rondon and Evans are fine additions; McLean, less so, but a decent squad addition for his effort and willingness. It is where we are now Phillips excepted. Chester was an odd signing for obvious reasons. As was the now departed Lindegaard. The loanees were a waste of space, Sandro excepted. We need a younger CB as Jonas and GMac won't be here for ever. Saido didn't help matters at all. So, last Summer was a mixed one for Pulis, but it is correct to say he has been hampered by the fall out from 2013 and 2014 (those Summers set us back 2/3 years). It is very noticeable that in the regular starters, only Gardener remains from the transfer business of 2013 or 2014. All other players were here under TM, RDM, RH and SC in 2012 (Ashworth to some extent). However, it was mixed and the season was ok, but also one to forget. Again we were comfortable for most of the season, but reliant on grinding the points out too much. We stayed up which was the aim. Ask Villa, Narge  and the Geordies where they'd rather be. It is much harder to push on when you are a division lower. 

So, Pulis did what it said on the tin and not much else. And the run in was obviously very disappointing. There were a few decent performances, but we really went to pot; especially in those home games in April. Hopefully, the squad will change just enough for that not to be an issue, of taking in last season's form into the new season. AT the moment there is one addition and a valuable player back from injury. That's an improvement and we can now hope TP gets the right players in, gets rid of those he doesn't want/need and we push on. We are not too far away and we have organisation, so we will get points. But we need at least another two in by Palace. 

Perhaps like most managers, the HBW is under pressure. Not being ITK, I rely on what  hear in various places, including here. Some say it is a fractious relationship between JP and TP. Others say differently. I think a poor start would have him under a lot of pressure - especially if a takeover is near or even has happened. If it does happen, then that  is another issue. I am not sure the possible  new owners, who they might be, would want TP, for good or ill. He could be on borrowed time however he's doing. Personally, whatever happens, he should have this season, if he doesn't suffer a catastrophic start. 

Roll on August 13th!

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  Brunt/Morrison Testimonial
Posted by: Megsonneverforgotton - 08-03-2016, 09:50 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (3)

A night game against Wolves at the Hawthorns anyone ?
I`d love to shut that lot up with their Benfica B team.

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Posted by: RonnieWallwork - 08-03-2016, 09:09 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (19)

It's going to need Ranieri to tell him he's surplus to requirements and money too good to refuse for him to come IMO. 

We've tried, left it with player, agent and Leicester. 

What's in our favour? Not really first choice at Leicester, contact has 1 year, not on huge wages.

What's against us? Champions, champions league, potentially needed in squad as they'll be stretched.

Do I think he'll rock up at WBA? I'd be surprised. 

Other ponds being fished.

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  Martinez appointed Belgium manager
Posted by: TTM - 08-03-2016, 08:27 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (36)

Up there with Alan Irvine & Dave Hockday in the "WTF are they thinking" stakes.

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  Why we leave it so late
Posted by: logic1 - 08-03-2016, 06:51 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (13)

I get so bored of listening to people moan about us being late making signings. There is a simple reason why. If you leave it late you save about 1-2 months salary. Let's suppose we sign about 5 players over the next few weeks. We could have signed them  2 months ago. Assume the average salary of each of the 5 players is 40 grand per week. This equates to 40,000*5players*8weeks = 1.6million quid. You let those players get match fit with other teams hence making it easier to manage the training of your existing squad. Ok, you want players to adjust to Pulisball but it's not exactly rocket science. The best signings usually hit the ground running straight away, especially if they are already proven premier league/English players. As an Albion Assembly member you quickly learn how frugal the club is run. My theory is completely consistent with what I've heard and seen at the Assembly.

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  Ross McCormack
Posted by: Duffmon - 08-03-2016, 04:07 PM - Forum: WBAunofficial - Replies (28)

Off to the Seals for £12m apparently.

Annoyingly (on paper at least) that's a good signing for them. Scored shitloads for a terrible Fulham team.

(Lumps on Fulham to go down)

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