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Back 3 - Big_Dave - 09-14-2018

If we wish to continue being a progressive football team which DM and GJ want. Either Field or Barry need to start at LCB

RE: Back 3 - Duffmon - 09-14-2018

I’m not sure sticking either a 20 or 38 year old midfielder back there is the answer.

When did Barry last play that role?

RE: Back 3 - Baggie66 - 09-14-2018

4-4-2 and stop teams winning the midfield.
Three centre half’s is fine if your playing Stoke and they’re throwing cross after cross into the box, not when you’re consistently second to everything in the middle IMO.

Teams will soon work out the three at the back have dodgy distribution and will just let them keep having the ball, just like tonight.

RE: Back 3 - Baggeridgebaggy - 09-14-2018

Moore doesn't seem capable of making bold decisions but given the nature of Bartleys performances and how we're playing, Barry should obviously be given a go at left CB .... It's blatant what needs to happen

He came on today and gave us what we were missing ...composure, ball retention and forward passes

I'm beginning to dispair at Moores non decision making

Bartleys displays don't get much worse ...made much worse by asking him play football on the left side, which is laughable given his limitations