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these targets - greetsgreen2 - 08-13-2017

is there a danger we are going to spend so much time on them, that If they don't come off we won't have anytime for alternative options .?

RE: these targets - EastMidsBaggie - 08-13-2017

Still a lot of talk yesterday that Barry's still more than likely (unfortunately)

RE: these targets - superbobby - 08-13-2017

Chillax, they will come.

RE: these targets - Cuzer14 - 08-13-2017

Barry is currently injured, out for 1-2 weeks


RE: these targets - chasetownbaggie - 08-13-2017

I noticed Smalling was only on subs bench today.

RE: these targets - Baggiemad - 08-13-2017

(08-13-2017, 08:17 PM)Echasetownbaggie Wrote: I  noticed Smalling was only on subs bench today.

Yes because he can be a liability, especially at set pieces