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The smelly breath gesture has been done by players when an opposing player squares up to them, invades their space, and mouths off.

Having watched it on MOTD it just looked like that's all it was. Obviously couldn't tell if anything else was said but Jrod looked surprised.

I honestly think it's just the player not understanding the insult and taking more offensive than he should do.

I'd be very surprised if there's anything more to it than that.
The allegation is over something JRod said
If it was something said that was as bad as bong is making out, wouldn’t the normal human reaction be to respond back?, rather than run to the ref?
Seems to me he was annoyed by the breath gag, and went into default ‘offended’ mode. Either that, or he’s miss heard a word.
(01-13-2018, 05:28 PM)Cheshire East Baggie Wrote: Any of you happening young geezers know what he said or did to upset Bong? "Pinched his nose" (his own nose, that is) in a "bizarre gesture" according to the Beeb. Some sort of deadly street insult?

Anyone know what he's supposed to have done apart from the childish gesture ? Seems that BONG (Boing) had a lot to say to him and might have insulted JRod too ?

(01-13-2018, 06:37 PM)cunninghamismagic Wrote: Since when has holding your nose and suggesting you have bad breath been racist?

Exactly, can't be reported for that so must be something else !
If this is false then Bong has just made done victims of actual racism absolutely no favours.

The your breath stinks thing has been around for years and years and isn’t confined to the football pitch either.

The video from the incident clearly shows Bong accusing Rodriguez of saying something racist.
(01-14-2018, 12:59 AM)backsidebaggie Wrote: I've seen this smelly breath gesture plenty of times over the years, can definitely remember Horsfield doing it to someone, but plenty of other players too for different sides during "square ups" on the field. If this fuss is all about that gesture, its bloody bizarre.
Derek McInnes did it to Savage as well didn’t he?
We waited months for Anelka to score and he did that quenelle gesture now we wait months for a win and get this nonsense.
I think the prevailing view is probably correct, but is there an outside chance he was holding his nose to cover his mouth when saying something 'provocative'?

I can't help feeling though, if it was something overtly racist, then the player would have said what Rodriguez said to him.
Wives eh? 

They just said something about the incident on 5-Live but I missed the beginning bit as I was out of the room. I asked my wife what they said. She replied that someone named Bong was in trouble for saying the ref should be shot.  Undecided


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