Poll: What about the clappers?
Get them for every home game. Did the job day they.
Pull them out if we are desperate
Bring yer clapper back if you love them
Worked today. Wont work again.
Burn the clappers. Ay it.
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Clappers and 5 cup finals
(01-13-2018, 09:31 PM)ASOGF Wrote: I will happily admit I thought it was a shocking idea, and didn't use mine. However this isn't the time to be snobby about how we raise the volume levels. We need to stay up, that's all that matters

Me too, although I did use mine. Got the Halfords rocking........even got the old buggers( me included) singong.    KEEP !!
I'm a convert- best atmosphere for quite some time.
Anything that turns the hawthorns into a very loud partisan atmosphere and gets us over the line is fine by me, and if folk dont like it ,,,,well fugg off you misserable twats
Looks like the keep the clappers have it.

Wonder if we will see a fresh batch?

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