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Cyrille Regis - tributes and messages
Saw him walking to the ground at the Arsenal match a couple of weeks ago. He was being constantly stopped by Albion fans wanting a word, and he looked trim, stylish and very healthy. A genuine Albion legend. Dreadful news to wake up to this morning. RIP Cyrille.
My all time hero, i was 10 when he made his debut and i saw him destroy defences almost single handledly. Big and strong and quick and clever defenders bohnced off him and then he shot and usually only one outcome.

I met him 3 times and i couldnt speak to him cos i was completely awestruck.

My absolute hero.

Rest easy big man
A true legend and gone far to early.
Like others I am too young to have seen him in the flesh playing but everything I have seen shows me why others who did watch him idolized him.
What a terrible loss to the World of Football and to the Albion family.
RIP Cyrille. A titanic icon of our club and time. X
Nearly in tears here. A boyhood hero
I'm lost for words.

Saw him at Ally Rob's book launch last month where he looked like he could still play.

This is such a sad, sad day.

RIP Cyrille
He was fit as a fiddle we went to same health club and spoke regularly Re Baggies absolutely devastating!!!!....a hero of mine.
This is terrible news. RIP
My first Hero-can’t quite take it in.

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