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Cyrille Regis - tributes and messages
I was there on his debut. Terrible.
This is a fucking hammer blow. I don't know what to say.
I've woken up to this news. What a horrendous way to start the new week.

Cyrille was, not only a West Brom legend, he was a Midlands football legend. Fans of Coventry, Villa and The Wolves speak as highly of him as we do. A true legend.

I'm absolutely devastated. Like many on here, he was a boyhood hero of mine. Watching him run at terrified defenders or leaping to power home a header from a Laurie Cunningham/Willie Johnston cross is a memory I've cherished all these years.

RIP Cyrille.
Stunned at this news.
I am gutted, met him when i was a boy and i was in total awe, met him as an adult and i was in awe, a true legend.
RIP Legend, so sad.
RIP big man, a true legend. Absolutely gutted.
Gutted. Can't believe he's gone. I was lucky enough to see him play when he first joined from Hayes.
Such power, a joy to watch.
Stunned ,
RIP Big Man
My old man is usually fairly level-headed about the Albion - but he always spoke differently of Cyrille. His reaction when he finally got the chance to meet him at the Laurie Cunningham dinner was amazing, and I can only imagine what it must have been like to watch Regis in his pomp.

He always struck me as a proper gent - whenever you'd see him outside the ground he would stop and talk to anyone.

RIP Cyrille.

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