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Cyrille Regis - tributes and messages
Went to my first game in 1979. My old man gave me a pen and the programme and I waited at the front of the Rainbow Stand to see if any of the players would come and sign it for me. Cyrille did. I can vividly remember that seven year old me felt in awe at this giant of a man in front of me and I don't think that feeling ever changed when adult me met him again a few times over the years.

You were my first football hero and I'm absolutely devastated this morning. Sleep well big man. Thanks for the memories.
He was fitter than most of us, meks yer think.

My early memories of standing in the brummie road are the liquidator and everyone shouting Cyrille.

the lords my shepherd i'll not want 
he takes me down to lye
in pastures green
he leadeth me 
the quiet waters by
Terribly sad news. My boyhood hero and all time favourite albion player. A great man too. RIP Cyrille.
When we played football in the playground and chose who we wanted to be, a lot of the kids would argue over who was going to be Kenny Dalglish. Not me; I was always Cyrille. Sometimes I would get laughed at or taunted because he was black but I didn’t care. He was my hero.

I can’t believe he’s gone at such a young age. A devastating loss.
Rest In Peace brother Baggie. Love ya mate
In tears. One of my all time West Brom heroes. Can’t believe it. 
RIP Cyrille, rest easy. Legend.
Absolutely stunned.
I was at his debut and he quickly became one of my all time Albion heroes, such a lovely bloke too. One of the clubs biggest ever mistakes selling him.

RIP Cyrille, deepest sympathy to his family.
This is truly heart breaking.
A true gentleman off the pitch and an absolute beast on it.
Only Batson left of the original 3 degrees.
RIP legend.
For those of you old enough to remember the Junior Baggies club that was when I first met him, at a Xmas party in the clubhouse behind the Rainbow.

I could only stand and stare, he shook my hand and ruffled my hair.

He’s been a family members personal friend in recent years and they have always confirmed what a true gent and a great, great man.

Absolutely gutted. My first hero and one of the biggest reasons for getting hooked on the Albion.
My opinion matters
There are very few things on the news that I react to but when I heard this on the BBC this morning I let out a loud involuntary exclamation. One of the most exciting players ever to wear a baggies shirt.

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