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FAO all posters
Birdy, Mod 2 and I are pretty liberal with our moderating compared to other Albion messageboards. However I have had to do a bit of deleting today due to the abuse of a personal nature that has been posted. The concern for us is that some of the over the top personal abuse could lead to complaints of slander against the site and get us shut down.

So just a gentle reminder to everyone about not posting vitriolic personal abuse about fellow members and/or public figures. Deletion will lead to bans if it continues.

This is not open to debate so please don't try and do so.
I had to look-up the word: 'Vitriolic' Rich.

Having learnt of such word - I totally agree fella.

We must be as one and enjoy our rides together, having a bit of fun / laughs along the way.on our journey through time and living.

Good call.
I feel so left out.
(08-04-2018, 06:39 PM)Mod1 Wrote: I feel so left out.

I will supply you with a special sticker, my good man:

Sad (Sticker)..."I'm sick of being used and abused for the sake of good-will towards others ffs!"

Angel ..."I once had to work in Iran as a  playboy for monkeys"

Big Grin ..."I holiday in Botswana"

Tongue ..."I will lick your eyeballs for as little as 10 & 6"

Huh ..."I think one of my legs just fell-off!"

Wink ..."I love cup-a-soup"

Angry ..."I've no idea where I am"

Dodgy ..."I like long walks in the highlands of Scotland"

Sad ..."I once ate a whole box of cat food in just ONE sitting"

Good more of the nings fellas.


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