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most pissed at an albion game
Milton keynes dons away, day before new years eve at the old natinal hockey stadium - got totally lost on the way to the ground, went through the wrong turnstyles and promptly got arrested, Spent the rest of the night at HMs pleasure, and a caution for being drunk in a designated sporing arena arf.

My stag day at Fulham comes a close second but that's another story...
You bad bell, Igor Big Grin
Many games when we were in the old third div. Sometimes I hadn't a clue on the result until I was in the wagon and horses after the game watching the goals on central tv. Hic
Everton away a few years back. Lost. Don't remember a thing. Bottles on train, 4-5 pints of Guinness pre match in weatherspoons. Memory loss

Before that similar day, Wigan away! Absolutely twatted
Night match at Port Vale, Little was manager and we played 6 centre halves and lost 2-0.

I think I had 7 pints in hour and half before the game but the turgid display sobered me up pdq
Cov away in the cup 94. Met some Cov mates pre match and had about 7 pints before kick off. Missed great swathes of the game through trips to the loo. Good day though as we got an unexpected draw.
Forest away in the first Megson promotion season. Ended up in the shittest pub in Derby.
Liverpool when we won 3-0.

I remember Lukaku scoring, then it was 6am and I was in bed fully clothed. Wife had slept downstairs and spat venom at me that included "wash the fucking sink you filthy bastard".
Spurs away in 2012 - I don't know how but I ended up on the 2am Megabus back to Birmingham on the Sunday morning with a desperately aggressive Scottish bloke clutching a bottle of Glenns Vodka and two northern birds who thought he was going to kill them. Woke up at 6:45 on my kitchen floor and went to work for 13 hours to cover a bank holiday shift.

Leicester, Palace and Arsenal away last season deserve a mention. Palace for pioneered a 1/2 and 1/2 Gin and Cava pint cocktail which made me redecorate the inside of a train carriage in the style of Jackson Pollock. Arsenal as I spent the entire first half sprawled on the concourse floor.
Sunderland away when we won 1-0 under Meggo with that late late Koumas goal......was in the pub opposite the ground from 12 onwards with the KO at 4pm, came out of the pub twatted and headed for the middle of the three stadiums of light that I could see...Christ knows how I got in but once in started on the red wine they served....the game is a blur until the last 10 mins and when we scored I hugged a sunlun steward so much I nearly got chucked out of the ground.....somehow made it back to Newcassel when I carried on drinking until the early hours...woke up just in time to head back to the airport for the flight back to stanstead and the drive home......

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