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VAR madness
(04-17-2018, 07:42 AM)Fido Wrote:
(04-17-2018, 04:37 AM)BilstonBaggie Wrote: It’s the way they apply it currently that makes it so bad. Allow the captains one appeal per half. If it’s successful they get to use it again. If not they lose it. That wouldn’t be as obtrusive as what we have now. Still not a perfect system obviously but as otters have said, a little bit of controversy in a game of football keeps things interesting.

Don't agree as the decision shouldn't be with the captain, it should be with the referee to make the right decision or, if we do have to have this bollocks, for him to refer something he's not sure about. What should happen is only a captain should be able to question a refereeing decision, politely, and anyone else gets an instant penalty (well, 10 yards move/yellow).


At the moment the fault is that the VAR official can signal that he feels the ref has missed something and being an unnatural break in the play. 

Unfortunately allowing the ref control of which decisions he reviews/doesn’t still allows for the usual bias towards big clubs, and will just encourage more and more players to surrounded the ref when he give some a decision they disagree with. 

Hawkeye works because it’s objective and instantaneous. Until VAR can be applied in this way, then it should stay out of the game.

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