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Is it cos he’s a brother!
So we look set to appoint our first black manager and as a pasty faced Celt I can say there ain’t no black man blacker than Darren Moore.
However, to me I didn’t even notice he’s black until Kevin Campbell and a few others made something of it.
He’s just a great bloke and that’s it and 99 per cent of fans feel the same. 
Ok, racism isn’t completely dead, but let’s take it in perspective.
Good luck Big Dave.
[Image: ifx0sl.jpg]
"Black Dave" should have been his nickname, as a reminder.
I know a guy who runs a photocopier firm, he refers to himself as black roger.
the lords my shepherd i'll not want 
he takes me down to lye
in pastures green
he leadeth me 
the quiet waters by
Whilst absolutely no attention should be afforded to what colour the gent is, I for one would love any potential appointment (and hopefully great success) to be a watermark in inspiring black players to make the transition into management. 

I love this club and our rich history against racism, and although I don’t consider there to be a race problem with regards to lack of black managers, I would feel pride if in 10,20, 40 years or so, people cite Big Dave  & Albion as inspiration.
Big Dave's black?
I’m going to wait and see what J-Rod doesn’t actually say about his breath before I can decide.
You hadn’t noticed that he’s black? That’s a truly astounding claim
I don’t see colour. Barely even registered it until this post.
(05-17-2018, 05:51 PM)sickparrot Wrote: I know a guy who runs a photocopier firm, he refers to himself as black roger.

There was a runner once called Roger Black! Big Grin

Ironically he was the only white person in the 4 x 400m relay team!

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