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Sam Field and co
Surely this is the perfect opportunity to see if Field, Leko, Harper, Wilson and Fitzwater can make an impact, there is no doubt about Field’s ability and he should play a huge part, but will any of the others make the grade under the new Head coach....
Really not sure. I'd assumed we'd see a few at Palace instead.

I'm hoping BD just wanted to keep the run going but it would have been nice to see a few given a go. He must know them all very well and worked with them for years.

Field for me should be a regular starter in the chump.
I do hope Dave gives the kids a chance. This will bond the players and the fans - problem will be keeping Dave if they perform, the big boys will come with big bucks. Let's hope he doesn't romp it.
Big Dave and Shan will know more about these lot then any. They’ll get their chances if they are ready.

Field will be first on the team sheet by the end of the season.

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