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Russia tomorrow
Off to Russia tomorrow to see Portugal v Spain, Brazil v Switzerland and England v Tunisia. Can’t wait. Look for the blonde idiot in the crowd doing his Dad floss dance when the goals go in!! Big Grin
Have a great time. This is the first big tournament me and my son haven't done since 2006. The Iceland game did it for us. I am so regretting it now. I will be shouting us on from Skiathos instead.
Step son booked most of it but I think 250 flight return from Gatwick to Krasnodar via Istanbul with Turkish airlines. Game tickets ranging from 150 for Brazil to about 110 each for Spain and England games. It was according to what category was available. Couple of nights hotel in Adler/Sochi about 30 per night and the rest sleeper trains about 20 to 40 each journey according what class. 1st is two beds, 2nd is 4 beds and 3rd is a carriage full of beds. We have 3rd class on to train from Rostov to Volgograd, that will be fun. The train journeys are Krasnodar to Adler, Adler to Rostov, Rostov to Volgograd and Volgograd to Krasnodar. Having a tour of Istanbul on the way back.
Very jealous to read that mate.

I went to Moscow and St Petersburg using the train a few years back and had a brilliant time. The locals are odd, but friendly for the most part, and I think as long as you’re sensible there’ll be no trouble. Remember waking up in Moscow station (which is actually in St Petersburg) thinking is slept through the return journey too!

Wish I was going, but a few things meant I couldn’t commit to it. Have a brilliant time!
Portugal V Spain should be a cracker with a great atmosphere. Enjoy Smile
Cheers lads, hope we come back in one piece. We tend to avoid the England drinking holes, which helps.
First Tourno I have not been to since Japan/Korea. I’d love to be going. Following England can be amazing if you stay away from the trouble spots. Normally the tournament (and our support) benefits hugely from being far away from these shores. Bigger distance = Fewer dickheads

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