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Off for a few days there tomorrow.

Any recommendations / advice gratefully received.
See if they've got any Baleron.
Where's FF when you need him?

(07-12-2018, 07:32 AM)SausEggBagel Wrote: See if they've got any Baleron.

Isn't he playing for the French on Sunday?
Don't go to Pizza Loft!!

Lovely city. Prices very cheap.
Try the flavoured vodka, cherry was my favourite.
Auschwitz and Birkenau are musts to do whilst in Krakow. A very difficult day, but has to be done.
Have a great time.
Oh, people recommended the salt mines to us, but we ran out of time!
Lost souls alley tour very very good
My wife is claustrophobic which rules out the salt mines and underground passageways I've heard about.

We have thought long and hard about Auschwitz and think we won't go for a variety of reasons. I do have a real clash of conscience about it. Not completely decided as yet.
Beware some areas are emotional( at A) if you think to much.
Prices still very cheap enjoy the culture and the friendly people. They do like us Brits.
Pop in and see Nigel Kennedy!
Go to the salt mines and leave your wife at the pub. One of the most surprisingly brilliant trips ive ever been on. Still cant get my head around it.

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