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Lots of great bars, cafes and restaurants around the main square. Even managed to find an indie club there.
beautiful place mate and great people too. Cherry Vodka is a must Wink

Auschwitz is horrible just horrible but sadly you've got to go.  if you do, get the guide book and walk around yourself, you will lose a day in the blink of an eye.  don't get a bus (public transport) it's an experience, however coming back they kept pulling up full and we were stuck there for ages when all we wanted to do was get away, spend a bit extra on a coach excursion.

the salt mines are supposed to be amazing my big regret in not going.

the food is fab, try the Goulash (or goulash type dish) which is a hollowed out loaf filled with a casserole type dish, lovely.  oh yeah with Cherry Vodka!!!!!

look forward to your review
Go to the House of beer. Bad heads AOTS.

I hope you like Pork and Potatos.

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