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How you getting on with the new knee mate.Back home now ?
Yeah back home on tue evening, doing ok, finding different techniques for simple things like climbing into bed and sitting on the toilet, doing my exercises as best as I can but by eck they are tough !! Kinda mastered the crutches so generally happy, must admit I’m going to struggle with all this time on my hands so probably be more of a regular poster on here, mind you the cricket has my attention today, thanks for asking mate.
Just checked the score <what total do you think would be a good enough to defend on that wicket?

by the way Kuldeep Yadav looks another good find ,can he bat as well?
280 bare minimum for me, the ball is certainly gripping but again we have lost players that were in to reverse sweeps when then the risk far outweighed the reward. Not sure if kuldeep can bat but he sure can bowl
268 looks to low then
All down to how Rashid & Moeen bowl
You are right on both counts, we will miss the control of woakes too, Plunkett & Wood are wicket takers but can go all round the park, 70/30 in favour of the visitors if you ask me.
Never been convinced with Wood, his line is too erratic , +the lack of pace
after all his injuries + I don't think he has played that many games despite being
in his late 20s.
Agreed Hughie, he is undoubtedly a trier but his injuries have took their toll, don’t be surprised to see the young lad Brookes thrown into one of the tests this summer, he is a talent.
I like the look of Brookes still very young thou
Tom Helm from Middlesex is another ,got push some
through quick as I'm not sure Anderson will be
around much this Summer and the clocks ticking
for Board as well.
One thing is for sure both Anderson & abroad will be praying for more rain between now and August, these dry conditions practically mirror the pitches in India, yes reverse swing will come into play but so will spin and I fear we are far behind the visitors in both bowling it and playing it.

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