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Funniest Thing I saw at a football match
Went to see Inter Bratislava play skalica in the Slovak 2nd division today.
After 85 mins gone with the away team one goal up the coach for Inter takes exception to some comments from the fans and tries to jump into the stand to confront the fan he identified to have said it (bear in mind he's about 50 with a similar waist line.)
A couple of stewards managed to pull him back to the dug out. Final whistle comes and still 1-0 he bounds back over and suggests the fan meets him outside for a punch up.

 I always see something fun in this league but this one topped it
Trevor Francis punching his own goalkeeper (Kolinko) in the dugout after he laughed when the Palace conceded a goal. Or Cloughie slapping supporters on several occasions, come to mind.
Some nutter dressed up as a Boiler...…...
Our passing last night.
Jack Russell passing the ball to David Cross to score against Everton.
went to a game in stamford a few yrs back. Some lad gets sent off for fighting, someone in the crowd shouts "Boxing's more your game son". Player then goes to have a go at the crowd, forgetting that he has to walk through the main stand to get back to the dressing room and as he walks past people start going "ding, ding, round 1"


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