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Albion Assembly
(Yesterday, 01:15 PM)baggiebloke Wrote:
(Yesterday, 11:35 AM)Old Stroller Wrote: The real time information on the concourse screens at half time is appalling this season. For most matches there is the equivalent of the blue screen of death, with all fixtures, if they can get around to putting them up, listed at 0-0, instead of the correct scores. On one of the recent Tuesday night games the screens were blank, then suddenly cut into the Sky Soccer Special feed, with bits of live footage and reports. After about 90 seconds it was cut off, as though someone had realised it was being shown and decided to pull it.

At many away games and lower league grounds the Sky feed is shown, so why can't we? Or at least go back to how it has been for some years with a basic, but updated scores system. Surely that's not too much to ask?


It's worse than shit.

The ones in the East Stand keep going to reset every 30 seconds as well.

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