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Pulis going or not?
Strong rumours its '50-50' he will be still our boss at end of international break.

It seems someone is coming out saying he will be staying, and also coming out and saying he won't.

Is Pulis leaking to the press both in the hoping he gets the sack or what? Something bubbling behind the scenes.
There's certainly something going on.

I'd imagine Hammond is sounding out potential candidates as we type (hopefully) - we'd need a fast appointment if he does go... Shame, as after the Boro game would have been the right time to do it... Couple days to do some business and 2 weeks with the players.

Anyone got Bielsa's number?
It's 'a source close to Pulis' spreading the 50/50 story according to the Express who ran it. 'A source close to' is usually, though not always, newspaper speak for the person themselves leaking it. Read into that what you will.
I would think the club are leaking he is not leaving, because we don't want to sack him and pay him off.

And Pulis leaking he wants too leave, but wants to be sacked so he can get his pay off.

Maybe anyway.
No solid rumours anywhere so hard to tell. I think he might stay and wait for somebody else to trigger the compensation payment.
Must be a tough decision though, if somebody had tied my hands behind my back and then blamed me and hung me out to dry I'd struggle not to tell them to stick it there and then.

Whatever happens I hope the uncertainty finishes soon, seems like we've had two years of it.
It's unlikely he would get a payout, previous managers including AFI were on gardening leave for the duration of their contract.

If he was on gardening leave, we would certainly receive an offer to buy his contract out before the end of January.
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All depends on who they can attract to replace him. If it's Steve Bruce then we're better off keeping him.
I don't want Bruce, but am a bit concerned we could end up with him. i would hope we could look further afield than that, even though he doesn't live far away from me; which is the worry. I've seen him out and about a couple of times.
(09-04-2016, 03:09 PM)Duffmon Wrote: All depends on who they can attract to replace him. If it's Steve Bruce then we're better off keeping him.

I agree.

I think after the transfer window we have had, and what our potential relegation candidates have had, hate to say it but we are probably better keeping him until the summer - what joy !
I'd be surprised if he walked, so I would imagine that he'd be sacked at some point. I'd also give him until the end of the season. If we gt Sissoko in, then I think we could be ok until January; then get a couple more in.

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