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(10-15-2016, 06:02 PM)Duffmon Wrote: Not his best match today in all fairness. First half when he was on the right it looked like he and Dawson had met for the first time in the tunnel. Dawson didn't have his finest match for us today either.

There was more than one player who in the first half looked like they'd never played the game before but they were all much improved in the 2nd.
So far I don't think Phillips has shone, apart from the 1st half at Sunderland when I thought he was very good.
Maybe he needs a little more time to get used to what he's currently being asked to do.
Phillips has not done anything wrong, works hard but has never really shone like we would have liked, have we a better right sided player at the club, probably not in terms of all round impact,
There was one point in the first half when he got the ball and travelled up the pitch there were 4 Spurs players around him and not one of our players within 20 yards of him to support . It's a very difficult job being a midfield player in our team and requires a very good standard of fitness . I feel it's unfortunate at times that so much energy is expended in retaining shape that when we do win the ball back and get into good areas we haven't quite got the zip to get past our man or play a quick give and go .

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