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Sunday Supplement
One of the reporters on the Sunday Supplement said that he'd seen a poll where fans were asked whether they'd take a Premiership title followed by a relegation, or would prefer to keep their Premiership mid table place.
He was staggered (as I am) to find the results came out roughly 50/50. I presume it was a kosher poll, or I'd hope that he wouldn't mention it on the programme.
Offer me the Premiership title next year, followed by relegation the following year and I'd bite your hand off.
Any thoughts?
They probably only asked Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham fans!
I'd take relegation to League 2 if it meant winning the Prem.
If we were to win the title and get relegated the next season, I would honestly support Pulis having a plaque or something on the east stand.
Yep, I'd take it.

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