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Improvements thread.
(04-26-2016, 05:42 AM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Sorry about the insane spam.

One of the add ons that deal with that crashed and was causing the forum to run slow so I disabled it. I thought one night wouldn't hurt.

I was wrong.

Can you not switch to admin approval for registering?
Could it be possible to have the politics posts appear in the main forum as an option?
Any chance of Tapatalk support?
(08-02-2016, 08:40 AM)deebo007 Wrote: Any chance of Tapatalk support?

N o change mate, its fucking brilliant and all those purple shirts can fuck off.
Dunno if its's same for everyone else, but the board seems to have turned into Ricky Lambert in terms of pace. Has it spent a year on Liverpool's bench also?
I keep getting logged out on this ere' new board, also sometimes it shows me logged in as a different user. Doesn't affect the posts I've made so far. Not an massive issue but just thought I'd flag it.
Clear cookies and cache Midge.
(12-13-2016, 02:14 PM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Clear cookies and cache Midge.

Had tried that, but will try again and let you know if it keeps happening. Thanks mate.
If it doesn't work let me know what browser your using.

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