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Improvements thread.

Can you copy exactly what the url is of the page you are viewing please?

That's this page, and I was just logged in as Arti (but obviously actually wasn't).
Can you add www. In front of and see if it still does it.
Have added it, and it hasn't done it again yet, but it wasn't 100% of the time in the first place. Will let you know if it keeps happening, thanks again!
So far this morning I've been logged in as PK, Derek and Duffers. WTF is going on Confused
I seem to be consistently logged in as me now, but still get logged out every so often. Cleared cache and cookies on both work and home computers.

Scratch that, I've just been BarfordBaggie!
I'm going to have to really investigate that one midge.
No rush mate, it doesn't really stop me reading/posting at all. Just thought you'd want to know in case it was part of a bigger problem.
Dunno if anybody else has this problem and it's pretty minor.

For me, the little arrows that show if there is a new post change. Sometimes they are correct and sometimes they all appear as if you haven't read any posts or are not logged on.

Maybe it's to do with the same thing as above, I actually haven't noticed if I'm logged in as another user

Edit: Oh it probably is to do with the login - currently I'm lurkerreborn
One more thing... again doesn't really affect me but isn't quite right. It always says I'm the only user browsing this forum, when I'm fairly certain there are a fair few of us on!

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