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Not sure why he would need to be at a stable club-all experiences in football can educate. Might do him good to see the other side of the coin. If he's good enough, sure any manager will give him game time.
(08-14-2017, 01:08 PM)Gzbaggy Wrote: Models of stability!
Gardner Junior is normally on loan at Forest and tipped to go there again, how long until Leeds change manager again?

Somebody mentioned Barnsley , which seems a good fit as they are developing a reputation for producing young players. Would be tempted to try to get some of our youngsters at Burton. Good club but will struggle because of their lack of money

It's a tough call... Field needs to go somewhere where a manager will play him with responsibly to dictate play and where he can learn what to do under pressure and in dangerous areas.

TP will always protect him by playing him deeper to prevent risk of him making a mistake that could lead to a goal.

So we need to find a club that can mature him going forward whilst also ensuring he learns enough defensive discipline for TP to trust him in our midfield!
Update on loaning the kids out. Apologies if already posted.

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