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This has been on my mind all summer.... if this guy was still as good we think he is then why :

1. Are we  not attempting to gazump Wet Spam at £27.1m? Surely a £30m offer is not beyond us?

2. Why are any of the ''big boys'' (Arsenal) not all over this?

Maybe he is not as good as he was?
I think every big club in England seems to have looked at him at one time or another and decided not to pursue it. It doesn't mean he won't work out here, just that there's something that concerns him about his game.

Lots of the time clubs in the PL prefer for a player to move elsewhere and then buy at a higher price than take the risk early days. Remember the old head of recruitment at Sevilla and Dortmund saying they tend to prefer to take risks on players overlooked by the PL knowing that one decent season will see them double their money.

The guy is a class act, and will either be a very good player for West Ham for a while, or they'll make a tidy quick profit. Really can't see him not adapting to the PL...

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