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Field potentially off to Reading on loan
(08-31-2017, 07:03 PM)KratosBaggie Wrote: I get that point. I just think we've got a real talent here.

He is a real talent, but in the games I've seen he's struggled to impose himself, which he needs to do. If he spends a season in the Champ he should come back a more assured player, which is what we want.
(08-31-2017, 07:00 PM)KratosBaggie Wrote: Sad if true - good enough to do a job here. Now.
Better than Barry, Livermore, Greg, Jacob or Mozza? Not yet he isn't. He will barely make the bench.

He's a good prospect but needs to go and learn how to impose himself on games. When he has played he has been tidy and done the simple things well but has he had impact? A spell playing twice a week most weeks for a good champ side will be brilliant for him.
I hope he gets a loan. Realistically, he ain't going to get much game time with us and if he is the prospect we all hope he is,  then he'll come good anyway.

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