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Before TP and now...
(09-08-2017, 04:29 PM)Big Cyrille Wrote: Apart from the result forget them how can you enjoy watching it ?

Because I do. I like to watch good defending and good organisation. I would love us to break at speed more often but I can live with the fact that we don't sometimes. I like the fact that we are improving and getting stronger as a club and that our team is managed by a relatively safe pair of hands during a time of unprecedented risk and reward. I look at clubs below in the Championship and think if JP had not bit the bullet when he did and give a 'dinosaur' such as TP the reins may well have joined them. 

Continually moaning at this current time in the clubs history is in my opinion idiotic and extremely short sighted.
I've travelled all over the country watching Albion under pulis and time and time again not having a shot on goal was soul destroying at times basically he has driven the team I love going has become a chore which shouldn't be the case. Personally I like the man but I'm hoping he lets the lads play in the right way at times I won't hold my breath.

I think we will win by 2 clear goals tomorrow good debate Derek I respect your views fully understand them onwards and upwards hopefully boing. Boing
Best thing Tony's done is move Dawson to right back, bring in GMac and drop Wisdom. I have no idea how Wisdom kept playing under Irvine.
Just back to the Bournemouth game. Foster had nothing to do until they had a couple of late shots. We could've been 5-1 up at half time.
Wisdom had the agility of a rock
And the turning circle of neptune
He also seemed to run on rail tracks.

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